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We now have Family Tree Descendant Reports for both the Spears and the Youngs, these reports are the results of decades of research and we have 100's of family members to thank for their contributions. The reports now covers ten, (10), Generations from 1769 to 2014, containing over 1500 individuals.  

The 2014 Family Tree Booklet is available now and you may purchase your own copy for $20, (shipping included), under this website Tickets tab

Family Tree Information Disclaimer and Terms of Use:  

The information presented on this report is from sources believed to be reliable; however the author assumes no responsibility or liability for it's accuracy or completeness. As you will be well aware, researching ones family history takes a great deal of time, effort and money. For accuracy we need all family members to contribute their current and past family history knowledge and data. All of the data on this report has been contributed by myself and other family members under both written and oral conditions. All of the information has not been verified by authentic sources. By reviewing and using the data please know that there may be errors and feedback is welcome to correct any errors or misinformation. 

Except for use in a review or for personal research, the reproduction, copying, recording, or duplication of this work in any form, by any means, with any media is forbidden without the written consent of the author: Rita Young Bantom  


Family Tree Graphic

Please note a graphical display of the Family Tree is not available at this time due to the size and we are continuing to explore our options for a picture.

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